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Thanks again to all of our great customers for letting the world (Michigan), know about our home brew store in Macomb.

From Google Reviews

Excellent customer service and just great guys working there. My dad and I have been getting our brewing supplies for over 10 years. They are honest and helpful. Check um out!
Harrison L.

I was surprised when I went here today for the first time. Good selection, Excellent prices on most of the stuff I bought, and a helpful staff. Seriously great place if you are looking to brew. Place was hopping on Saturday afternoon with smiling customers.
Mark T.

A brew store for newbies and professionals alike. Knowledgeable and friendly sales staff, make shopping a breeze, especially if you need some advice. Great selection of grains, extract, hops, and wine making supplies. Excellent selection of hardware as well. They keep late hours, and are open on Sunday for weekend brewers. When in doubt, ask the pros, dot com sites can’t offer you that!
Anonymous Google User

Just went there to get my first home brewing kit and the staff was amazing. Answered all my questions and steered me in the right direction for what hopefully is a successful first brew. Many thanks guys!
Anonymous Google User

Excellent customer service. Helped me out with everything I needed to get started. Great prices too, cheaper than Midwest Supplies. Recommend to everyone!
Mat D.

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From Yelp*

Best home brew supply store in Detroit! The really knowledgeable and helpful staff will have you brewing your own beer or making your own wine in no time.”
Paul S.

There are several things I look for when I walk into any Mom ‘n Pop type business. I want to see that the place is not a mess with items laying all over the floor. I want to at least be acknowledged with some kind of “come ask me questions if you need me and I’ll check on you periodically” type vibe. Finally, if I do have questions I want non-condescending answers. I want your legitimate opinion on things because you work here and you should probably know your products well (unless you’re jockeying the register).

Cap-n-Cork is probably one of the best retail stores I have been in ever. Aside from my first time brewing, I have gone in every single time knowing what I needed. Each time I have been in each employee has greeted me as soon as I came in the store, asked me if I needed help within the first few minutes, and were more than happy to answer any questions. I ask for specific grains and within a few minutes they have them bagged up, priced, and ready to go for me while I’m looking around the store.

The pricing is a little higher than a couple of the other brewing supply stores but it is generally only a dollar or two higher. Totally worth it if I can have a nice experience each time I go in.
Mike W.

Very good brew shop. This is the first time I have been to a brew shop and the first time getting ready to brew beer, but the staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. The store was organized and the prices seemed to be pretty far. They give a 10% military discount as well!
Doug P.

What a nice store. After my horrible inception at brewing world in Warren I was expecting something bad. There are two of the cutest old men running this store. One of them even has the curly-q mustache with wax!

The store is bright and stocked to the brim. the place is actually organized, unlike brewing world. we had many questions and all were answered kindly and with much information. we were even told to buy a much cheaper version of a brew kit. this from a guy who owns a store and the more expensive brew kit was one of his own making.

The prices were on average 2-3 dollars more than other places, but the service was worth it. So in 1 month get ready for some Australian bitter beer coming from my basement.
Juston M.

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