At Cap “N” Cork Home Brew we strive to keep only the freshest hops in stock at all times to help create your favorite beer. If there is a specialized hop you were interested in trying or had a question about the hops we carry, please call or send an email with your question.

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Inventory Name Alpha Description
In stock Ahtanum 5.2% (pellet) Fruity flavors and a spicy aroma, a little woodsy, earthy. Good finishing hop and Bill Gornicki’s favorite.
In stock Amarillo 9.3% (pellet) Citrusy, flowery with hints of grapefruit.
In stock Brewers Gold 9.7% (pellet) Bittering hop with neutral aroma and character.
In stock Cascade 6.2% (pellet) 7.1% (leaf) Flowery and citrusy. Can have grapefruit flavor.
In stock Centennial 10.3% (pellet) Medium with floral and citrus tones.
In stock Challenger 7.2% UK (pellet) Mild to moderate, quite spicy.
In stock Chinook 11.8 % (pellet) Mild to medium/heavy, spicy, piney and grapefruity.
In stock Citra 11.4% (pellet) 13.4% (leaf) Very fruity citrus, peach, apricot, passion fruit, grapefruit, lime, melon, gooseberry, lychee fruit, pineapple, mango, papaya and other tropical fruit flavors and aromas.
In stock Cluster 7.6% (pellet) Smooth neutral bitterness. Medium alpha acids. Spicy flavor. An old standby. Even though it has been around for a while it may surprise you.
In stock Columbus 14.4% (pellet) A high-alpha hop (finally!) that provides a neutral bitterness and an excellent aroma. The flavor and aroma are very pungent, so it is often used for late-addition hopping or dry-hopping. Great in IPA’s. Flavor is slightly floral with some citrus note.
In stock Crystal 2.8% (pellet) A very mild character, clean and slightly spicy, and is generally used in lagers and pilsners.
In stock Fuggle 4.8% (pellet) Mild, pleasant, hoppy, and robust.
In stock Galaxy 14% (pellet) The Australian hop variety Galaxy is a high alpha dual purpose seedless cultivar with a marked and unique hop aroma. The striking flavor has been described as a combination of citrus and passionfruit, whilst still contributing significant bittering.
In stock Galena 13.4% Medium but pleasant hoppiness and citrsusy.
In stock Glacier 5.6% (pellet) Mild aromatic hop with earthy undertones and a smooth flavor.
In stock Hallertau 4.3% (pellet) Very mild, pleasant and flowery. A classic noble hop.
In stock Hersbrucker 2.3% (pellet) German (pellet) Medium to semi-strong, pleasant, hoppy.
In stock Kent Golding 5.8% (pellet) 6.3% (leaf) U.K is gentle, fragrant and pleasant. US is mild and gently hoppy.
In stock Liberty 3.9 % (pellet) This popular hop was specially-brewed to resemble Hallertaurer Mittlefruh. Traditional, German-type spiciness makes it a perfect hop in any lager you brew.
In stock Magnum 13.1% (pellet) Known for bittering value and quality.
In stock Millenium 15.9% (pellet) Mild, herbal, similar to Nugget.
In stock Mount Hood 6.1% (pellet) Aroma variety with similarities to the German Hallertau and Hersbrucker varieties, released in the US in 1989. Used for aroma and flavor, American and German Ales/Lagers.
In stock Mouteka 7.1% (pellet) An excellent hop in many applications from first kettle additions through to late. This hop offers a unique aroma and flavour making it suitable for producing bigger more traditional style Lagers, especially Bohemian Pilsener. Excellent when employed in multiple additions from a single hop bill and sits well on the palate to balance speciality malt sweetness. An excellent variety for Belgian Ales and gives a real edge to Cask Bitter.
In stock Mosaic 12.7% (pellet) As a daughter of Simcoe™ YCR14, Mosaic offers a rich line of hop heritage including F-10 Tomahawk and Nugget. It features relatively high alpha acids and low cohumulone contents and displays an array of enticing aromas that transfer nicely into the finished product. Brewers have noted that Mosaic is a “complexity of flavors” providing a “powerful combination punch of pine and fruit.” Specific descriptors include earthy, grassy, herbal, citrus, cedar, floral, pine, tropical, onion/garlic, spice and stone fruit.
In stock Newport 9.8% (pellet) Mild aroma. Fairly pungent, resiny flavor. An Oregon original derived from Brewers gold, Mittelfruh, Late Grape, Belgium 31, and Fuggle. Newport hops were bred as a potential replacement to Galena based on their resistance to mildew. Widely used by the Rogue Brewery.
In stock Northern Brewer 9.6% (pellet) Medium to strong with some wild tones.
In stock Nugget 13.3% (pellet) Selected from a cross between Brewers Gold and a high alpha male. Heavy, herbal and spicy aroma, extremely bitter. Used for medium to dark Ales and Lagers.
In stock NZ Pacific Hallertau 4.5% (pellet) Clean floral and citrus aroma hop. Orange Marmalade Citrus and some floral. Pleasant when used as a bittering addition.
In stock NZ Nelson Sauvin 12.5% (pellet) 12.5% (pellet) A hop that requires judicious application in the brew house, this truly unique dual-purpose variety can be used to produce big punchy Ales as well as subtle yet bitter Lagers. The fruitiness may be a little overpowering for the un-initiated, however those with a penchant for bold hop character will find several applications for this true brewer’s hop.
In stock Pacific Jade 14.2% New Zealand (pellet) Suited for use as a bittering or flavoring hop with a bold aroma that delivers a herbal infusion of fresh citrus and crushed black pepper. Used as a finishing hop to temper malt sweetness in Ales or to balance dryer Lager styles when used as an “up-front” kettle addition to showcase its bittering qualities.
In stock Palisade 6.7 % (pellet) A noble aroma with good bittering properties. Good sub for Perle and Tettnang.
In stock Perle 6.5% (pellet) Moderately intense, good and hoppy, fruity and a little spicy.
In stock Saaz 3% (pellet) Very mild with pleasant hoppy notes, earthy, spicy and herbal.
In stock Santiam 6.1% (pellet) Resembles a Noble hop aroma. Herbal. Floral. This is a mixture of Tettnanger, Mittelfruh, Cascades,and who knows what else. Aroma is a suggestion of Tettnanger.
In stock Saphir 3.8% (pellet) Bred with a Hallertau parent, refined, sweet, mild clean citrus, hint of tangerine.
In Stock Simcoe 13% (pellet) Aromas of passionfruit, apricot, Intense pine and woodsy aroma adds to the fresh, youthful vigor of this complex hop. Dual purpose but generally considered a bittering hop.
In stock Stella 15% (pellet) Hoppy and floral with subtle hints of anise.
In stock Sterling 7.5% (pellet) Herbal and spicy aroma with a hint of citrus. Best sub for Saaz.
In stock Spalt 3.9% (pellet) Noble hop that is mild and pleasant, slightly spicy.
In stock Sorachi Ace 10.5% (pellet) Bittering hop with powerful lemon aroma. High bittering value and flavorful personality.
In stock Summit 15.5% (pellet) Strong orange and tangerine citrus notes in its flavor, making it ideal for brewing American style IPAs (especially IPAs) and Pale Ales.
In stock Styrian Goldings 4.9% (pellet) A world-renowned aroma hop with widespread usage in both ale and lager brewing. Used for English-Style Ales, ESB, Bitter, and Lagers.
In stock Target 10.7% (pellet) Widely used for high alpha acid content comined with an acceptable aroma. Pleasant English hop aroma, quite intense.
In stock Tettnang 4.5% (pellet) Mild and pleasant, slighty spicy and herbal.
In stock Topaz 16.5% (pellet) As a flavor addition Topaz can provide earthy notes similar in character to old English cultivars, and fruit flavors such as lychee can be detected in later additions and higher gravity brews.
In stock Tradition 5.8% (pellet) A close descendant of Hallertau Mittelfruh bred for disease resistance and larger yields. Very refined, sweet aroma. Use for aroma and flavor additions in German lagers.
In stock Vanguard 4.4% (pellet) 4% (leaf) Similar aroma to european hops. Sub for Hallertau, Hersbrucker and Mt Hood.
In stock Warrior 16.7% (pellet) A high alpha all purpose hop.
In stock Williamette 4.9% (pellet) Rediscover this mild, pleasant, slighty-spicy ale hop found between the flavor of British hops and U.S. Northwestern hops. Great for use in American Ales when you don’t want the Citrus notes of Cascade.


* All hops are of U.S origin unless otherwise noted.