September 19, 2015 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Cap N Cork Homebrew Supply
16776 21 Mile Road
Macomb, MI 48044
Varies based on team members
Andy Moore

The Auction, a Team Brewing Event is a unique homebrewing competition that melds skill, cunning and teamwork into one ruthless event. On top of all that proceeds will go to help support Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan. 5% of Cap N Cork sales that day, as well as all of the silent auction and raffle proceeds will go to Gleaners.

That’s right, we said a silent auction! This is not to be confused with the main Auction event. There will be tons of awesome packages and items both homebrew and non-homebrew related, that everyone can bid on. Keep an eye on our blog and Facebook page for updates as we finalize the prizes.

So what exactly is The Auction?

Teams of six or less will start the day with 100 Cap ‘N’ Cork Bucks to be used during the auction phase of the competition. During this phase, teams will bid on ingredients for their recipes. Here is where the cunning and flat out skullduggery takes place. There will be limited amounts of some ingredients, which can be monopolized if a team is willing to cough up the Cap ‘N’ Cork bucks. Fear not, we will have enough base malt to go around, but perhaps not the one you are after.

Teams can use as much or as little of their Cap ‘N’ Cork Bucks as they wish, but at the end of the auction, there is no cash value to our made up currency.

After the Auction, all teams will then brew a their recipe behind the store just like we have in the past. Everyone is required to brew a five gallon batch and stick to the 2008 BJCP categories six through sixteen. Essentially, no lagers. Now, we said this is a ruthless event, but meant for that to remain in the auction phase. We do not want any saboteurs out there getting any crazy ideas. While teams are brewing, we will have food and delicious home brew available for everyone to enjoy.

The event entry fee is $60 per teams of 1-2, $90 per teams of 3-4 and $120 per teams of 5-6. This cost covers all the ingredients for a five gallon batch, food, team swag pack and your very own limited edition Auction T shirt! Space is limited so be sure to sign up at the store or on our at our webstore: http://store.capncorkhomebrew.com/classes-events. Be sure to tell us your team name, number of members and T-shirt sizes.

All beers must be submitted by November 1st at the store to qualify. Submissions must be two bottles, 12 oz preferred, with the name of the team (or team leader) attached to each bottle along with style of beer. We do ask that each team set aside at least a case of their beer (or keg) as we would like to feature the winning beer at the Awards Dinner.

Which brings us to the final event. The Awards Dinner will be hosted by Sherwood Brewing Company, in which the food menu will be created around the winning beer. Sherwood’s culinary experts will design a fabulous meal with the sole intention of pairing masterfully with the winning beer. There will be an additional fee for the dinner, but it will be fun and you get prizes and chance to try the winning beers.

There will be prizes to give away at the Awards Dinner (as if a pat on the back and bragging rights weren’t enough), which will be provided by Sherwood Brewing, Cap N Cork and many more!


The schedule of Auction events are as follows:

Sept 4:  Registraton Deadline

Sept 19: The Auction Homebrewing Event is held at Cap ‘N’ Cork

Nov 1: Final Submissions are due at Cap ‘N’ Cork

Date TBD in November: Awards dinner hosted at Sherwood Brewing Company

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