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The only home brew and wine making shop you’ll ever need! Whether you shop online or browse our shelves, Cap-N-Cork has kits for the beginner brewmaster, classes and events, to some of the best beer ingredients in Michigan.

Check our online store and get started home brewing your best ales and wines!

Cap-N-Cork Home Brew Supply

Cap ‘N’ Cork offers a full line of wine, beermaking, soda making and kegging supplies. Product lines that can be found at the store include, Winexpert, RJ Spagnols, Brewers Best, Muntons, Briess, Weyermann, White Labs and Wyeast.

Everyone at the shop brews and makes their own beer and wine and are ready to help you make the best product you have ever drank!

Established in 1985, Cap ‘N’ Cork has since come under new ownership! The new owner, Andy Moore, has been part of Cap ‘N’ Cork family since 2003. Andy is a BJCP Certified Beer Judge, has taken beer courses at The Siebel Institute of Technology and has brewed commercially at several local brew pubs.

This Michigan home brewing company has since grown and has acquired a new space at 16776 21 Mile Road, Macomb and is now open. This renovated new space offers more quality ingredients for the home brewer and also a classroom for Cap ‘N’ Cork guest brew-master speakers from all over the country.

Cap ‘N’ Cork provides some of the finest wine kits and beer kits for the home brewer. Every kit has been tested and comes with complete instructions and materials to make the finest homebrew possible. Visit our Online Store for the best beer and wine kits in Michigan.

The Friendliest Home Brew Store in Michigan

Premium Quality

Cap-N-Cork offers only the freshest ingredients to help you, the home brewer, make the best beer and wine available.

Help Available

Visit with our staff in the store with any questions you may have about home-brewing. We’re all brewers too!

100% Natural Ingredients

Not only the freshest hops, but also all natural ingredients making your brew the finest it can be.


Pick from almost 100 different beer kit varieties depending on your taste. Build a brew you love and share with your friends

Secret Ingredients?

Your secret ingredients list is safe with us and you can even shop online and have your beer kit and uber-secret beer kits ingredients delivered right to your secret lab.

Suitable for Novices

Our Beer and Wine kits are suitable for the beginner to the experienced home brewer. Visit our store to find out more.

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